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Beyond the Basics: Unveiling Specialized Dry Cleaning Services in Paris, Ontario

In the quaint town of Paris, Ontario, nestled among the charming streets and friendly faces, lies a gem that caters to the meticulous care of garments – a dry cleaner woven into the fabric of daily life. But Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, is not your average establishment. It is where attention to detail meets a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, setting a new standard for specialized dry cleaning services. With an array of services designed to handle everything from the delicate silk blouse to the grandeur of a wedding gown, Burtol Dry Cleaners offers Parisians a unique blend of sartorial elegance and ecological responsibility.


Tucked away from the bustling cityscape, Paris, Ontario, offers a serene backdrop to what can only be described as an art form practiced by the experts at Burtol Dry Cleaners by Nova Cleaning Supplies. This isn’t just a place where clothes get cleaned; it’s a sanctuary where each garment is given life anew. With a promise to preserve both your wardrobe and the planet, Burtol stands out as a pioneer in the industry. In this article, we will unveil the range of specialized services available, highlighting how Burtol Dry Cleaners is reshaping the landscape of garment care through eco-friendly methods.

Specialized Dry Cleaning Services of Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies:

Ladies Wear:

The essence of a woman’s wardrobe is her array of diverse garments, which require personalized attention. Burtol Dry Cleaners understands the nuances of ladies’ wear, offering meticulous cleaning for blouses at $3.20, with silk ones at $5.00 and Rayon/linen blends at $4.00. For professional attire, suits are refreshed for $16.95, blazers at $9.50, and shorts at $8.50, while unlined versions receive a $1.00 discount. The precise care extends to pants ($7.50 for standard and $8.50 if lined) and skirts, with identical pricing and lining considerations. Dresses, the cornerstone of feminine fashion, are treated with utmost care, with casual variants at $11.95, cocktail dresses at $19.95, and formal ones gracing the higher echelon at $23.95.

Men’s Wear:

Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, prides itself on servicing the sartorial needs of gentlemen as well. A traditional suit garners care for $16.95 or $20.95 for a three-piece ensemble. Tuxedos, the pinnacle of sophistication, are treated at $19.95 and $24.95 for the three-piece option. Tailored services for blazers ($9.50) and tails ($12.50) ensure each item retains its crisp, dignified appearance. Casual wear, such as pants ($7.50) and jeans ($6.00), is also given attention. The finishing touches, including shirts at $3.20 and ties for $4.95, complete the comprehensive care for the discerning gentleman.

Wedding Wear:

A bride’s wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning supplies, recognizes the significance of each matrimonial garment. Wedding gowns receive royal treatment for $100, with additional services for under skirts ($10 each), beading on the bodice ($5), and skirt beading ($10). Sleeve embellishments are taken care of, with short sleeves at $7 and long sleeves at $10. Accessories such as veils ($15), gloves ($5), and crinolines ($15) are not overlooked. Burtol also provides a keepsake box for gown preservation – standard for $49 and jumbo for $69. The bridal party is not forgotten, with bridesmaid gowns cleaned at $24 for short styles and $28 for long ones. Groomsmen are also catered to, with tuxedo cleaning at an accessible $18.

Leather Wear

The specialty continues with fabrics; leather wear demands its own set of skills. Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, rises to the occasion with expertise in treating leather items to ensure their natural lustre and longevity.

Environmental Stewardship and Green Earth Solvent:

In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact, Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, has made a revolutionary shift. Exclusively utilizing Green Earth, a silicone-based solvent, Burtol ensures that every garment is not just clean but that the process is environmentally safe. Recognized by Environment Canada, Green Earth is the only dry-cleaning solvent that carries this endorsement. Burtol consciously decided to become exclusively Green Earth in 2011, embracing a method that is as gentle on clothes as on Earth. This advanced approach to dry cleaning underscores Burtol’s dedication to providing a service that delights customers and preserves the environment.

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Burtol Dry Cleaners, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, in Paris, Ontario, represents more than just a facility for clothing maintenance; it is a beacon of innovation and responsibility in garment care. By blending specialized services tailored to various fabrics and apparel with an eco-friendly approach, Burtol, by Nova Cleaning Supplies, ensures that each item is returned to its owner in pristine condition and with the assurance that their choice supports environmentally sustainable practices. Whether it’s a regular work outfit or an exquisite wedding dress, Burtol Dry Cleaners takes the essence of the town’s beauty and imparts it into every thread they treat.

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